What’s for Dinner: July 22

A less successful week this week. It’s been a wildly stressful month, with work being hectic and my mother and father bracketing the month with surgeries and I believe the menu this week showed that. I gave away a fair amount of food and what I did make was less than successful. That said, I’ll post what I attempted, with the thought that it might inspire someone to improve it, or tell me what I could do better.

Pumpernickel from the Clemson Farmer’s Market


It almost had to be made, didn’t it? I looked around and found several recipes, with the cooking times varying wildly. I noticed on the one that cooked longer that people complained about soggy veggies, so I ultimately went with the Emeril recipe. If you like your pepper extra crunchy, then use this recipe. Very disappointing. Maybe I didn’t dice it enough.

Chard Bean Stew

I just couldn’t keep making Spanikopita out of the chard, so I thought I’d try something else. This one looked like it would be acceptable to everyone, so I gave it a shot, making it exactly as prescribed. For me, it was a little flavorless. Maybe it needed hot sauce or something, but it needed more. And, to add insult to injury, the white beans torn me up. Now I love beans, but black beans or kidney beans apparently treat me nicer than the white beans. If I make this one again, I will be eating a lot of Beano first or I will feed it to my family only.

Moroccan Couscous

Now this was awesome and it always is awesome and as soon as I saw we were getting a butternut squash, I KNEW I’d be making this. MMMM. I’ve missed you Moroccan Couscous.

So what do we think folks? How do I make ratatouille that everyone will eat?


One thought on “What’s for Dinner: July 22

  1. inherchucks

    that couscous does look awesome! There are tons of ratatouille recipes in the link party this week…check them out.

    thanks for linking up! Always enjoy having you :)


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