Menu: April 21 week

Here’s what we ate last week!

Sunday: usually, like a lot of folks, I’ll make something more complicated for the weekend, but the family wanted simple broccoli pasta. This might be one of the world’s easiest dishes to make, taking all of five ingredients and maybe 20 minutes from beginning to end. And, even more fun, it’s from the Delicious Memories cookbook, which was written by the grand-niece of Hector Boiardi, aka Chef Boy-ar-dee. Husband added leftover chicken from Saturday.

Monday: I don’t know, I have zero memory of eating on Monday night. I have no idea why! Sorry.

Tuesday: Spinach Potato Soup with Roasted Red Pepper. This one I make in the pressure cooker, which I just love as everyone in the world knows. The kid helped peel potatoes, I chopped up the rest of the veggies and soup was on in no time. Another beaut from Lorna Sass that has become a favorite. And, to avoid heating up the entire oven, I just roast the pepper in the toaster oven.

Wednesday: leftovers! I love leftovers! Family had kuk sool, which makes for a late night, so I did a bunch of stuff around the house, goofed around, finally divvied the leftover broccoli pasta across three plates and … well that wasn’t going to feed anyone. So, I put the pasta on two plates and made an emergency meal for myself. I heated some water, peeled and chopped a sweet potato and boiled it for 7 minutes. Mashed that while adding some cumin, some cayenne and some garlic salt. Dumped that in a tortilla with cilantro and salsa and MMMM so delicious. A side of chips for me.

Thursday: went out to eat with the parents at Sidetracked. Cute little restaurant with a whopping seven tables in it, a couple outside. The menu changes every week and they tend to be very meat-centric, so we have to pick our weeks. Still, very family-oriented, so much so that the family is all in the kitchen cooking. They’re like southern cooking, if the cook is a little adventurous with the flavoring. I had the tomato basil soup and the key lime pie. Kid had the mahi with a great rice pilaf (secret ingredient: tarragon) and she split an Almond Joy Cake that was the size of a small state.

Friday: husband isn’t a fan of couscous (well he is but he was avoiding more pasta), so he had the leftover soup and we had Moroccan Couscous from Alicia Silverstone. Oh man this is one scrumptious dish. Here’s what I did: I chopped the butternut and the zucchini in the veggie chopper. Chopped the carrots and onion separately. Put those in a tray with olive oil and a little salt and pepper and sat in the hot tub for 20 minutes. The previous owners had a hot tub that they kept attempting to use as a bargaining chip. The problem was that they were having to bargain with me, and I didn’t care about the hot tub. In the end, they left it because it was expensive to move it and since then, we are in the hot tub ALL THE TIME. They also left their fridge, so the beer is near the hot tub. Anyway, I digress. While the veggies roasted, I hung out in the hot tub. Then, I came upstairs, made the couscous, mixed the veggies in and YUM. Note: I’m too cheap to buy saffron, so I just use smoked paprika (my current favorite spice) and tumeric.

Saturday: we were going to go out to eat again, but I picked up my first farm share from the Student Organic Farm. Not a cheap thing to do, but I’m happy to support these guys. My first week filled two bags with greens. When I say bags, they were big bags. I got: a small bag of arugula, two different things of kale, romaine lettuce, turnip greens, radishes and something called tatsoi. That one I had to look up. It’s a dish used in Asian dishes, so we made Salmon with Red Onions and Tatsoi. I chopped up the red onion and soaked it in sugar and vinegar, then went to the Central Railroad Festival with my dad. (Note: the festival was kind of lame this year, but the band was quite good, so if you get the chance to see the Flying Saucers, they were a lot of fun. Bonus: trains went behind the band while they were playing.) Husband grilled the salmon, I stir fried the onions and tatsoi in the marinade and a bit of salt and that was a success as well. The onions were quite sweet and tasty. I also made kale chips, which were pretty good! Someone warned me they wouldn’t be very good the next day and indeed, that is true. You get a lot of chips. In fact, I only used a fraction of the kale.

So, for next week, anticipate meals that use a lot of greens. I wondered if I was wasting money buying a salad spinner. Turns out if you get a farm share, a salad spinner is a necessity!


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