Monthly Archives: April 2013

Passport Red Tape

My family concluded it would be fun to travel abroad and as a result, we needed passports. Mine was up to date, but my husband had let his lapse and my daughter had never gotten one.

Seemed simple enough: you could fill out the application online and took it to the post office, along with an ID and a picture. Easy, right?

No. It took me four days to get this done, despite being as prepared as possible. So, here’s what I learned.

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Quickie Meals

Some of you have been kind enough to reach out to me and say “where did you go?” Life got a little nuts for me, then the farm share was over. So, the blog went into hiberation. But! Spring is around the corner, so it’s time to revive things.

Twice a week, the husband and daughter go work out and I go visit my dad. Dad has dementia and so he needs regular care, but he gets lonely. So, I’ll go by and watch Wheel with him, then head home. While I enjoy those visits, I don’t get the time I used to have to cook on those nights. The family isn’t really in the mood for anything fancy anyway. I’ve got a few quickie meals I throw together for them.

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