Monthly Archives: January 2013

Potato Cheese Soup

My husband made a confession to my daughter. Perhaps he did it on purpose. But, he complained to her that since we went vegetarian, I never make his favorite soup. Apparently when we first started to date, I made this soup all the time, from the Silver Palate cookbook. I think I bought this cookbook 25 years ago in an attempt to up my cooking game, then found most of the recipes to be too difficult or not appealing. Then, when I became vegetarian, there was even less to eat.

I got rid of the cookbook, then found out how much he missed this soup. When I used to make it, it called for so much cheese, we’d have to scrape it off the back of our spoons with our teeth. This might be one of the reasons I quit making this soup, in fact, when I cleaned up my eating habits.

The internet to the rescue! I found the recipe online and so it was time to surprise him with his favorite soup again. In fact, when he found out what we were making, he did a jig. I’m not kidding.

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