The Easiest Grain: Bulgur

Once I discovered bulgur, I had to wonder why I hadn’t found it earlier. It’s really the easiest thing in the world to make. Seriously. It’s on the level of instant ramen noodles. The only tricky part is getting the bulgur water ratio correct. And even then, if you add too much water, well, you drain off the excess. It’s a parboiled whole wheat grain, so it’s ready to go.

When I make bulgur, I do this:

  1. Pour a cup of water in a bowl and microwave the water until it boils. (So a minute and a half.)
  2. Dump half a cup of bulgur in and put a lid on the bowl.
  3. Come back in five minutes.
Bulgur salad

Peas and carrots and bulgur threesome

Then you get creative. Add whatever you like to the grain and you’ve got yourself a salad. Here’s the one I made last week:

  1. Make the bulgur as described above, except add English peas to the mix.
  2. Take some julienned carrots that you usually use in salad (or at least I do) and chop up a little finer. Throw that in when the bulgur is cooked and you’ve drained whatever water might be left.
  3. Add some dill and soy sauce, along with some feta and walnuts.
  4. Eat.

Seriously, bulgur and some veggies in the fridge can easily make a quickie meal. As for where you get it? Try the section with the beans or with the rice, or the bulk section at your grocery store. My current batch is from the Dekalb Farmer’s Market. It ran me $.99 a pound.

Try it in place of rice, why not. (And no this message is not brought to you by the board to promote bulgur.)


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