What’s for Dinner: May 27 Part 2

The rest of the week follows. I’ve noticed that when I talk about the farm share, people feel compelled to talk about how regular I must be. I think this is odd, so I won’t bother to comment on my system. What I like is that I’m eating fresh, local veggies, grown by students who are actually caring about sustainability. I do many things, but gardening is not one, so I’m happy there are those willing to do it.

Zucchini Pasta with Arugula

Tuesday: this was a boring, easy dish. I didn’t even bother to take a picture of it. I started with a recipe from Vegetarian Times, but it morphed into something that I make a lot: the broccoli pasta. That one is a favorite in the house and this is more or less the same thing. Here’s the formula:

  1. 8 ounces pasta. We usually use the penne, but have fun with the shapes. Pick a nice sturdy one that will hold the sauce.
  2. Veggies. We’ve done broccoli, parsnips and kale, leftover stuff in the fridge and now zucchini and arugula. I also threw in rosemary and basil, because it was there.
  3. Sauce. I’ve done some olive oil and parmesan (which ROCKS on the broccoli), I’ve made a sauce with leftover coconut milk (which is delicious and somewhat sweet), and of course, we’ve done tomato sauce. I’m not an enormous dairy product consumer any more, so I’ll do a 1/4 cup of olive oil and a sprinkling of cheese. Then I serve the cheese on the side for others who might prefer more cheese.

Whatever way I’ve made it, the family always happily eats it. We’ve got a solid lunch serving for the husband, since he ate the rest of the spanakopita today (which meant he had a meatless day hee hee.)

Left: radishes, two squash, broccoli and cauliflower, a lot of lettuce. Thinking I’ll share the lettuce with coworkers.

Potato and Squash Torte

This one was a slam dunk. The tough part was figuring out how to squeeze it in to the evening. I skipped the last two Jazzercise songs, ran home to slice 2 pounds of potatoes and 1.5 of those enormous yellow squash and threw this sucker together. I skipped using the flour, just drizzling with olive oil and sprinkling the spices (I still had rosemary, so that, salt and thyme were used) and parmesan between the layers. I turned on the oven and ran to pick up the kid. Came home and cleaned up and waited for the husband to return from his workout. Wednesdays are wacky. Anyway, he finally returned and we scarfed this one down. A major success, but it’s pretty standard fare, so I thought it’d be hard to screw this one up.

Squash Chips

And I had most of a second squash left. What to do with it? So, I got creative and made squash chips. I figured if you could make them out of potatoes or kale, certainly it would work with squash. It does! Take a squash and slice it with a mandolin. (NOTE: be very careful. My friend Amanda still has a nasty scar from her mandolin accident, which I believe required a visit to the emergency room.) Then arrange on a baking sheet THAT HAS PARCHMENT PAPER ON IT.  If you don’t, you’re going to end up throwing away the pan, because they will probably become one with that pan. Heat the oven to about 250-275. Spray/drizzle with olive oil and then the spice of your choice. I tried salt: waaaay too salty. I tried tumeric, cumin and that was good. I tried pepper and was apparently overgenerous with the pepper, but they are good! Just have water close by. Then I googled it and found out someone had already done this. I waited until they were mostly light brown. Then we ate them all up.

Food left this week: still some lettuce, some radishes and the broccoli and cauliflower. If my husband doesn’t get around to using it, I’ll roast that and make him more soup. Looks like we’re eating out on Thursday and Friday.


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