What’s for Dinner: May 13

The farm share! The farm share giveth and giveth and giveth. And this is the SMALL share, wow.

This week, the small family share included:

  • Curly kale
  • Chard
  • About 10 radishes
  • Romaine
  • Tatsoi
  • A pound of squash
  • A pound and a half of zucchini
  • A head of broccoli
  • Collards
  • Arugula, which I skipped this time

That’s a lot of greens for two people, since my husband is out of town. And, since he was out of town starting Mother’s Day, we went out to our favorite fun special occasion spot, Bella Vita. (If you’re near here, you really gotta try this place. Three courses, all delicious plus the owner/chef comes out and the whole restaurant of about 24 seats sings “That’s Amore” while he points at a picture of an moray eel. I’m not kidding.)

I’ve had some doubts if the farm share was worth it or not. I don’t know if it comes out ahead financially, but the food is super fresh and yummy. However, the grocery bill this week was really small: $66, which included $25 worth of Clif Bars that my husband and daughter seem to love. (It was 15 bars.) Subtract out the $25 and you’re at about $40. Still, we also had a fair number of staples already in the house, so I can’t say how accurate that really is.

Sunday, I did some cooking, getting ready for the week. Now I realize that “meal planning” is a totally square activity, for those that are boring human beings. It’s completely lacking spontaneity. However, it surely takes the stress out of the week and saves money and makes life a whole lot easier, so call me boring. Whatever. And, with a farm share, it’s just a necessity.

Taking the advice of another member, it’s farm share for breakfast, lunch and dinner. So, with two of the three zucchini, I made zucchini muffins. I used almond milk instead of soy milk and cut the sugar by a third, so half a cup of sugar and instead of making a loaf of bread and letting it cook for an hour, I made mini muffins. The kid was very dubious about this whole thing, so dubious that she said she wasn’t in the mood for baking. She loves them and spent the rest of the day sneaking them. So she’s set for breakfast for the week (assuming she doesn’t continue to sneak them.) The other zucchini I will use in my lunch salads. I suspect we’ll be making a lot of zucchini muffins this summer. This is fine. The kid popped a few more as an afterschool snack on Monday.

Since I had the food processor out for the zucchini, I went ahead and made the kale pesto I’ll serve on pasta later this week. That was simple enough. It still had a harsh taste to it, so I added a little smoked paprika and salt to it along with a little more oil.

Then, I washed it again and let it roughly chop the rest of the kale so I could stick it in a container in the fridge and use it for kale banana breakfast smoothies. That meant I only had romaine, collards and chard taking up space in the beer fridge.

Now the tatsoi was starting to age quickly, so first up for meals was the stir fry. I basically made the same stir fry that I made last week, except I stuck a Jazzercise work out in the middle of this. No run today; it was raining. Here’s how that worked:

  • Make a pot of brown rice.
  • Chop the tatsoi, including the stems (treat it like celery only it actually tastes good)
  • Break the broccoli off into spears and wash. Peel the spears and chop. Dump both of these in your large salad spinner and stick in the fridge.
  • Put the dried portabellas in a bowl and two cups of water in the microwave and leave detailed instructions for daughter to merely turn on the microwave and pour now hot water on the mushrooms on the counter when the timer goes off. Go to Jazzercise.
  • Return home from Jazzercise to find that the water is still in the microwave. Heat water and get mushrooms going, only going for 10 minutes instead of 30 after reading the package that says they don’t need to soak that long after all.
  • Make stir fry. This time, I also added tempeh. Eh on the tempeh. It was OK, but didn’t add a lot to it. Maybe some protein, but a dirty little secret is that greens are some of the highest source of protein per weight there is. You just have to eat a LOT of it because it doesn’t tend to weigh very much. (Nothing against omnivores, mind you, but just don’t worry about us vegetarians if we’re eating the greens from the farm.)

Later that night, I wanted a bit of a dessert, so I finally got around to trying the no bake brownies I had favorited a while back. So, I pulled out the food processor AGAIN and made these. Super easy and delicious, but next time, I will know to pit the dates. Whoops! And, also adored by the kid, who snuck one before going to bed. Hoping to wean her off expensive Clif Bars and onto these homemade treats.

With that, I felt like I had washed every dish in the house twice, and certainly the food processor four times, and so I declared myself DONE. Tomorrow, I will make more rice (didn’t make enough for two nights, whoops) and if there isn’t enough stir fry, maybe one of us will eat that and the other some kale pesto.

Monday: Kid is quickly gobbling down the zucchini muffins. These will be a staple in the house this summer, I think. I also tried a kale banana smoothie which I made with almond milk and that was surprisingly good! (I did NOT make it with two cups of chopped kale. Maybe half to one cup. My friend Amanda swears by the juicer. Me, I have an immersion blender, so I’m stuck picking kale out of my teeth in the early light of day.)

Not a lot of cooking today. I adore leftovers, I swear. My family never ate leftovers, probably in part because there was five of us and so there probably wasn’t enough left to feed us two nights in a row. But I live by them. If the meal is eaten in one sitting, I’m a little depressed. Tonight, the kid had Kuk Sool, so I went for a run on the dikes. Once we came home, we heated up the leftover stir fry and had a preview of the kale pesto on some sourdough bread a colleague brought in as a thank you for bringing her romaine two weeks in a row. (The kid LOVED the pesto and she was dubious.) She also tried to give me cabbage. I flat out refused to take it. Tomorrow, I may still wait on the kale pesto and instead make the swiss chard.

This post is long enough after Monday night, so I’ll call this part one and share Tuesday-Friday later on. WARRIOR DASH ON SATURDAY!


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