3 thoughts on “What’s for dinner: May 6

  1. Tammy

    Christine I love this! We joined this year to try and expand our horizons in the veggie department. I grew up in the south but have never really eaten greens (my mom didn’t like them so she never made us try them). My kids are game for anything (unbelievable for a 10 and 5 year old!). The first two weeks have been rough with all the greens but the kids liked the collards (that my British husband cooked Paula Dean style) and they liked the kale chips. I’ll have to chat with you at Jazzercise sometime about our experiences.

    1. cuprado Post author

      Hey Tammy! We have been vegetarians for a year and I enjoyed buying last year but yeah, all the greens! It’s a new experience and it forces you out of your comfort zone for certain. Thank God for the net! Made kale pesto which is so good. And, putting it in smoothies too. Zucchini went in muffins that the kid can’t quit eating. Still there’s two of us this week so it will be a challenge. I usually give away the leftover romaine by week’s end.

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