This one is getting a lot of hits before morher’s day. My privilege to be a mom to my kid.

Thoughts from the end of the world

Dear daughter,

Today was Mother’s Day and without you, I wouldn’t be honored on this day. So, first off, thanks for being born so that I could experience motherhood.

Everyone says motherhood is hard and it can be. And I think too many times, we honor our mothers because they work hard for their families. I’m not saying that is in no way honorable, but I would hope that we would want more out of our mothers than clean clothes and good meals and getting from school to doctors or extracurricular activities.

And yes, motherhood can be hard because parents (both moms and dads) are trying to shape young people into responsible young adults. That to me, more than the free maid service, is the real challenge.

But here is the great thing about motherhood. Because of you, kiddo, I have been forced to take a long look at myself…

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