Holiday Series Book 3: Vegetarian

Turns out I got EIGHT books for Christmas as well as a journal. Crazy. So, today’s book is the one I got yesterday. This time, it’s a real cookbook.

Vegetarian, no author (A Parragon book)

Design-wise, a nice book. It has a padded cover, a bit decadent for a book that will end up fairly trashed in my kitchen. A nice green bunch of basil on the cover, with a clean sans serif font stating that it’s all about vegetarian. The type is consistent throughout the book, a positive. Nice bright pictures of food always helps with my desire to make these recipes. The recipes are simple enough as each one is presented neatly on a spread, the recipes taking up one page and a lovely picture taking up the right side of the spread. (The one I’ve linked to has a totally different cover.)

If you’re looking for a book to give you more information about being a vegetarian, keep looking. That isn’t at all what this book is trying to achieve. There are lots of great books about that, such as Kind Diet or the Moosewood books or even try the China Study. China Study will scare you into being vegetarian. (And, if you don’t like to read, which if you don’t not sure why you’re reading this post, then watch Forks Over Knives.)

Recipe-wise, it looks to be solid. Some true basics like stir fry broccoli, along with some more complex ones such as zucchini fritters. A nice balance of salads, soups, light bites, beans and beans (which is fabulous) along with way too many desserts. I love desserts but they truly are my downfall. So, I will be avoiding that section of the book. My only knock is that they tend to use a lot of dairy. Four recipes of risotto will please the meat-eating spouse, to be certain. A fair number of lentil recipes, which the kid actually likes lentils.

Other vegetarian cookbooks I’ve had have been very good, but sometimes they call for Southern California type of ingredients or are just not quite right. This one will fit very nicely in my kitchen so I’m excited to try some of these. I can work around the dairy!

I confess that I haven’t READ this as a traditional book. I flipped through it to see what it offered and I was pleased. I had planned to make one tonight for a party, but … well … turns out this book is a little shallow on appetizers. So, I made one from Kind Diet and made up a pizza bite recipe.

Still, I look forward to giving this one some test drives.

Grade: A. Design: A.



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