Book One of Seven: the Holiday Series (Mindy Kaling’s Is Everyone Hanging Out Without Me?)

For Christmas, I got a few things, but the majority of what I got was books. To be precise, I got seven books. SEVEN. I barely read any more because I’m either reading my FB feed or Twitter or I’m running, Jazzercising or knitting. (On occasion, working.) With each package, I could feel the weight of unread reading pressing down on me, as well as the weight of all the already unread books sitting at home.

So, I decided, as I do with so many things, to just get them read and get them done. Yes, this interfered with my knitting, but those books were really stressing me out. And, once I’m faced with something like that, I feel the need to buzz through it and put it behind me.

Here’s a review for the first book:

Mindy's bookIs Everyone Hanging Out Without Me? Mindy Kaling

Started reading Christmas Day. Finished reading Christmas Day.

The book cover is solid: I like the smirk on her face and the wallpaper, where she looks like a wallflower. Cute. And she’s in pink, which I think is supposed to make us think she’s shallow. She loves pop culture and all, but she’s really fairly smart and clever so not sure if playing into the whole Kelly Kapoor thing is the right way to go. The title is in Futura. Sure, it’s a classic font, but I’m not wild about it with this picture. I guess it’s OK. The fact that they’ve used a white drop shadow to pick up the author’s name from the picture kind of bothers me (even if I’ve done the same thing, but I’ve not designing book covers.) The book flap is set in something like Helvetica Neue, which means the distinctive M of the future is totally different on the flap, which bugged me quite a bit. The inside of the book is standard stuff, clean. I think the titles are set in Bodoni as well as the headers. The titles are OK; the headers are small and those serifs just totally disappear.

Oh, you wanted to know about the contents of the book? Well, she’s amusing to be certain. I didn’t cry myself with laughter throughout the book, but it was quite funny, sure. She’s more sincere than Tina Fey, gentler I suppose. Less snarky. The problem is … I like snark. There are sections I wish for my 12-year old daughter to read, such as “Don’t Peak in High School.” (Not necessarily concerned that she will, just want her to know it gets better.) I loved the chapter about movies coming to a theater near you after she had a meeting where the producers were looking for ideas derived from board games. And the different types of women in romantic comedies is a total hoot. Recognize these? The klutz, the ethereal weirdo, the woman who is obsessed with her career and is no fun at all, the 42-yo mother of the 30-yo lead, the sassy best friend, the skinny woman who is beautiful and tone but also gluttonous and disgusting and the woman who works in an art gallery. You gotta admire a person who will show her office at work which looks like a disaster area, as well as a picture of her writing in bed. Well, maybe. I guess you can get away with that if you’re doing really well.

In short, this is a book that can be digested in an afternoon. Light, amusing, cute. Much like Mindy. A good book to read if your Christmas morning was kind of a disaster.

Grade: B. Graphic design: B-.


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