The last gift

Swanky hat

Georgeanne must have thought I forgot about her! The fall just got away from me, with work and freelance and running and knitting but I have her gift ready to go, so now it’s time to talk about this last gift.

Georgeanne was the first Director of Religious Education that I knew. She and Larry, who was the religious education chair, went on the suggestion from my mother that I teach Sunday school. Knowing that I’d be reluctant, one of them called up my father and said “your daughter is willing to teach RE if you are” and then the other one called me about the same time and said “your dad is willing to teach if you are.” That was the beginning of teaching RE, which I’ve now done for about eight years.

I didn’t realize that teaching RE would come in handy for other things. It’s certainly given me the confidence to stand up at a large event and make announcements. If you can survive a room of very smart 8- to 12-year olds, nothing else seems as daunting. I also realized it came in extremely handy when conducting focus groups, which we just finished. Trying to coax answers out of 17- and 18-year olds was a lot easier because I’d been doing the same thing with kids for a long time.

Georgeanne made the job look incredibly easy and we didn’t have any idea how good she was until she left. She’d done the job for a long time and decided she didn’t need to do it any longer. We still miss her. She ended up moving to the Charlotte area to be around her grandkids, but she knows she always has a home here at UUFC.

Georgeanne is also a knitter and always been kind about the posting I do about my knitting. She suggested a hat and since everything she has suggested I do has worked out in the past, she gets a hat. It’s another one of these Stitch Diva hats, similar to the one I made for my old fifth grade teacher. It’s not exactly a winter hat, but then again, I’m not sure how much winter weather we’ll get anyway. Wear it down in the South Park area and look swanky, Georgeanne! I’ll get it in the mail tomorrow.


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