Wristlet Friends

Look! No dishwashing hands!

Back to the gift exchange on Facebook! If you recall, I had two more people left. Today, I’m talking about Amy. Amy actually got her gift in Phoenix, when I saw her at the UCDA conference, but I got lazy with my blogging. And then, something amazing happened. Amy actually sent ME a gift! My first FB exchange back.

But more on that in a minute. How do I know Amy? Back when I organized my first conference for UCDA, I needed a featured school for one of my main speakers. We searched very hard for a good fit: they needed to have award-winning work, but they also needed to have a good story to tell. We had been criticized in previous conferences for having schools just show flashy work and alienating the attendees, so we wanted a school that had faced a problem and solved it. That search led us to a school that had changed their name and needed a new identity: Amy at Missouri State.

Amy did a nice job at the conference, we exchanged a few friendly emails and we went on our way.

And then I found FB. At some point, I saw Amy’s name on someone’s post and I was still pretty new to it and so I friended her. She seemed to remember me. We were both addicted to FB and so we got to know each other fairly well. And the more we found out, the more it felt like we were living in parallel universes. We had way more in common than we should have. We even found our daughters were born exactly one year apart. They shared the same birthday.

Last year, I got inspired to try a half marathon and this year, Amy ran her first one. Amy is one of those that has always supported my running posts and I hers. In fact, Amy’s the reason I bought one of those Garmin watches.

And so, for my FB pal, I made a pair of wristlets. I made hers in sort of her school color. It’s sort of somewhere between a bear maroon and a tiger orange, so that’s probably apt!

A typographic ornament

In return, I got a lovely paper ornament, with paper made from an old dictionary, and words that she feels connects to me are carefully showing.

She also sent me a bracelet made with beads she rolled back in college. Most of us were rolling a different type of paper, but hey, hers is more lasting and now I have this nice little bracelet as well.

THANKS Amy! I’ll see you on FB, as always. Stay addicted. Otherwise, I’d miss you. (And PS you should get more involved with UCDA!)


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