Zipping up Lebowski

So excited today, because I got THREE packages. First, my No Meat Athlete shirt, which I plan to wear when I run the Spinx Run Fest. (BTW, looking for a fall half or full marathon? This one is a lot of fun, finishes IN the ballpark.) Second, my Superfeet inserts, which I had to buy another pair because I got tired of switching them from my running shoes to my Jazzercise shoes. The new aerobic shoes from Nike just didn’t have enough arch support for my old feet.


But you are not reading this post because of RUNNING, are you? The thing I was really excited to get was a custom-made zipper! And it’s a beaut. The right color, the right length … even the right zipper closure on that sucker.

The original instructions noted that the zipper should have a ring closure on it to match the one in the movie and she found one in a thrift shop that she cut off the original garment. Well, I’m not feeling that lucky plus I don’t spend a ton of time in thrift stores (takes away from knitting, duh), so I googled “custom zipper and found Zipper Source.

I was game and the site was easy to use, so I gave it a try. I got the simplest email ever letting me know that my order was received. It was … quaint.

The "got it" email

Nine days later, I got this very terse email.

The "it's coming" email

Yeah! I did have expect it to arrive in a plain envelope, but it came in a bona-fide Tyvek envelope with a logo printed on it. And it was perfect. And, even American-made, if you like that sort of thing.

Now to sew the thing on. That might be the hardest part of the whole dang sweater. (And I still have to finish the collar, details, details.)


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