Mousy Lebowski

Finally, I got around to ordering the yarn I needed to finish up that second sleeve. Since the husband was out of town and I had a day off from running, I worked on it during the kid’s Kuk Sool lesson and later that night. Boy did that feel good to get that done!

Can you tell the difference in size?

I really wondered if I should just use the second brown (mushroom) to finish up the pattern, but really, I felt like I really didn’t have enough of that either, so I went ahead and bit the bullet and ordered just one more skein of mouse yarn. Really, the yardage has been way off. I’ll have at least two skeins of the pebble left and nothing of the other colors, had I managed to make it through the dark brown without running out. So, I’ll be looking for other ideas as to what to do with this yarn. I guess if we had a dog, I could make a matching Lebowski sweater. Alas, we only have two cats and neither one appreciates a fine knit sweater.

As you can see, I really didn’t need a lot more yarn. I’ve put the ball of mouse next to a full ball of the white I originally bought and you’ll see that you can’t tell a difference in size. A skein of this stuff has 205 yards. I estimate I used maybe 5, so I have 200 yards left.

Using Mouse to finish up the Mushroom section

My decision to NOT use the mushroom was justified and in fact, I ran out of that with about 10 stitches left to go. So, now that I had 200 yards left of the mouse, I did finish up that last row with it instead of using less than a yard of yet another skein of this yarn. I mean, it’s OK yarn and all, but I’m not that much in love with it!

I spent the morning sewing it up together. Sewing up knitted pieces is not my favorite (if I liked it, I’d just sew), but this went along fairly quickly and I finished up just as my husband got back from exercising. And bonus! I thought I had only started one facing, but when I pulled it out to assemble it, I found not only was that the second facing sitting around on an extra pair of needles, but the first facing was already sewn on. YES!

SO, what is left? Not much! I need to finish up the second facing, sew that on, order the custom zipper so I  can get one with the ring on it and then make the collar. That will be interesting. I really feel the one in the pattern is too small to match the originalin the movie. I mean, that’s just my opinion, man. So I might be experimenting. It’s OK, birthday isn’t for two months. And Lord knows, I’ve got plenty of the pebble to do whatever.

The sweater to date

So far, I give this pattern a B+. Nicely done, even with the differences in yardage. My fault, really. It’s a totally different yarn than what was spec’ed.

Hopefully when it’s done, it’ll tie the outfit together.


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