Not Enough Lebowski

So close and yet no cigar

Well, friends, it happened. I ran out of yarn, specifically the dark yarn for the pattern. Here’s the heartbreaking thing: I ran out of yarn with 6 rows to go. So, I need about 6 yards of yarn. A skein typically had between 150-200 yards in it. So, to put that in football terms, I made it to the 3 yard line with a full set of downs and failed to cross the finish line.

This leaves you thinking about all the yarn you could have possibly still had. If only you hadn’t been so generous with the carry acrosses. If only you had trimmed it a little closer when you tied off. If only … well then I might have had enough yarn.

Or not. It’s about $7 a skein, so I’ll see what else I can buy and work up an order to get enough to qualify for free shipping. It’s not like I can work on it anyway, being on vacation with the husband all week.

Still, for the goal-oriented girl, it’s painful.

Anyone got 6-7 yards of Weekend Mouse Yarn?


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