Blackberry Peach Crisp

I bought some blackberries from the Happy Berry last Friday, as well as some peaches from Pace Produce, both at the Clemson Farmer’s Market. Normally, the kid scarfs up the blackberries, but these were moving a little slower. She said they were a little sour, so I figured I’d make a crisp out of them.

Now I like crisps more than pies and I realize that’s probably controversial, but I do. There’s more fruit and less crust (and pie crust is really just flour and fat) and plus usually crisps include oatmeal, which I love and it’s good for you. Well, maybe not so much in this form BUT it’s better than pie crust, trust me. So, we made a crisp! And per my twitter friend’s recommendation, I included peaches.

I’ve not been writing so much about food because I don’t really consider myself a real cook in the sense that I’m rarely inventing these dishes. What I do well is read directions and follow them accordingly. But, seemed that I was finding some good dishes and some good ideas, so I figured if I linked to what I was finding, no one would mind much. This recipe came from, which God bless ’em, they have a great little mobile app that pulls a bunch of recipes. Imagine me sitting in my car in the parking lot, with a last minute dinner idea, pouring through the recipes. Their crisp recipe is very much similar to one that I found in Jane Brody’s book that I bought waaaay back in 1988. That book (“Living the High Carbohydrate Way” believe it or not) was actually my very first cookbook that I think I bought myself but I’ll write another time about that in my series of food history memories. That crisp from Jane was with apples, but you could certainly substitute any old fruit you wanted. Or even new fruit. Go wild.

I made it much according to the directions, except I think I had more than 2 cups of blackberries and I used about 2/3 the sugar, for both the topping and the blackberries. The family decided it was still pretty dang tart, so they will eat the leftovers with some vanilla ice cream. Me, I liked the tartiness of the dessert, but those that know me might find that appropriate.


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