Lebowski Haiku

I’m a goal oriented girl. I’m not one of those knitters that tends to not finish a project. (Well OK there is that one sweater that I should just pull out and cash in.) But, I’m not usually one of those knitters that lets projects languish, a basket full of UFOs (UnFinished Objects.) So … even though the husband’s travel schedule has been much lighter and we’re happy to have him around … it’s been hell on my goal of finishing this sweater. And I’m at that point with the sweater that I really just want to finish it up. Kind of like a run, where you’re more than halfway there? And you know you’re going to finish it, no matter what? That’s where I’m at with this sweater.

It's going to be very very close

Add to the goal of wanting to know if this little ball of gray yarn is going to hold up for 34 more rows and I’m hiding out in the office, knitting while the husband watches movies like Hero. Or goes to bed, perhaps. This is what happened last night when I posted, “Husband in bed, Christine knits the Lebowski sweater …” to which a friend said it wasn’t quite a haiku. I wrote this instead: “Husband is asleep. Christine knits Lebowski sleeve. Will yarn last?” to which I was told “better, keep working on it.”

Sleeve #2, row 68. Another 40 and I start shaping.

Again, I was able to jump into it, with our vastly different viewing habits, and I watched Paper Heart. (Eh, maybe I’m too old and jaded for it. I like awkward humor, but this was just too much for me. I did like the couples telling their stories of love, but otherwise … it just wasn’t quite my cup of tea.) Tonight’s haiku was “I knit again. Husband watches Jet Li flick. Stitch stitch stitch.” Not sure if that’s better or not, but it certainly sums up the evening. I’m worn from stitching in 1×1 rib, but I want, no need, to know if I have enough of this dark gray yarn to finish this up.

Fortunately, I’ll know in another 38 rows. Keep your fingers crossed for me.


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