Lebowski sleeved

Will it fit my husband? Only the shadow knows.

Will it fit my husband? Only the shadow knows.

Hey! I finished a sleeve! Turns out the husband has traveled very very little this summer, so I’ve been working on it in drips and dribbles. I’m both excited and tentative about this.

The excitement comes from moving forward on the project and seeing it start to, literally, come together. It’s really starting to look like the one in the movie.

The tentativeness comes from several things. I worry about it fitting. It seems like it won’t be big enough, but I’m trying it on a coworker that comes close to my husband’s size. Also, I’m not wild about repeating the process of making another sleeve. And thirdly, I’m worried about my yarn! I don’t think I’ll have a lot of the darkest color left.

Will it last for one more sleeve? Please?

And so, for now, it’ll have to sit in the drawer. Travel season is coming up and I’m in great shape at this point. On to other projects, like this one! (It’s similar to one someone is selling on Etsy, so I’m only giving them as gifts.)

Baby boob hat


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