Big Lebowski, knitted to Big Lebowski

Big Lebowski sweater, front almost finished

So my husband today volunteered to help the wonderful folks at Upstate Holistic Health take down a wall as they are expanding their space. We met them through my daughter’s elementary after school program. They offered martial arts lessons for $6 a lesson twice a week at the school. This sounded insanely cheap to me, plus I didn’t have to get her to class, so I couldn’t sign up fast enough.

Turned out to be the best thing I could have done for her. And, it’s been so good that my husband signed up too. Toran and Sarah, who are married and run the business, are young but extremely good at what they do, and so my husband was happy to help them out.

And I was happy for him to do so too, because it meant I had plenty of time to work on the sweater without him sneaking around. Since the main pattern was coming up next, this was all good.

Once I got started, I realized that the last time I saw the movie, it was on Netflix instant play, so I thought I’d watch it again and lo, there it still was! What a hilarious movie, folks. I’m assuming most who have read this blog have seen the movie, but it’s just completely absurd. Even the story is kind of pointless. It’s all about these outlandishly drawn characters, really, and seeing Jeff Bridges play the most stoned out guy you’ve ever see is a great way to kill an afternoon.

Here’s one of my favorite exchanges:

Lebowski (the millionaire): “Isn’t it being prepared to do the right thing, no matter the cost? Isn’t that what makes a man?”

Dude Lebowski: “Sure and a pair of testicles.” 

And this, autotweeted from @TheBotLebowski because I put “lebowski” in a tweet: “You see a wedding ring? Does this place look like I’m fucking married? The toilet seat’s up!”

That said, I also realized the collar on the pattern is probably too short. So, I’ll have to think about lengthening it.

Otherwise, I’m zinging through it. On to sleeves before I know it.


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