The Flying Lebowski

Sweater back

The back of the sweater makes an appearance on the Queen Mary.

This week, I flew to Long Beach and back, via Midway, which gave me HOURS to work on the sweater. And work I did. I finished the back and am nearly through the pattern section of the left front! With the #10 needles and the 1 x 1 rib, the rows go slowly but the length goes fast.

I managed to finish the back by the time we landed in Long Beach, which took the majority of the day. A 2-hour flight to Midway and  4:30 flight to LAX and I got a great deal of knitting in. The front, well, I’m up to the armpits.

The pattern is zinging along better than I thought. Still, I’m glad it’s only a section of the sweater. Otherwise, it’d get old in a big fat hurry.

I was shocked, gobsmacked, amazed, stunned to learn that my fellow executive committee members had only seen the movie maybe once, if at all, and did not remember the sweater. This makes me the coolest person on the EC, if you ask me.

Might be a while before I get to it again, though. No more trips coming up.


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