An Ornament for a Grown Up

I wish her a Merry Christmas ...

The craft giveaway continues! Next up is Katie S., who I know through Jazzercise. I know her mom better, because I used to work the door with Leslie. If it weren’t for Jazzercise, I wouldn’t know Katie at all as I believe our paths would never cross, unless we happened to jog past each other. The truth is, we probably wouldn’t jog if we hadn’t started with Jazzercise. We  look pretty good from exercise, enough to do “naked Jazzercise.” Not nearly as exciting as it sounds … it just means it’s so hot outside and the air works so hard that we work out in just our bras and shorts instead of a shirt to modestly cover things up. Still, there we were … Katie in her 20s, me in my 40s and her mom in her 50s and we all were not ashamed to be dressed in such a way. The power of Jazzercise, folks! Don’t take it lightly.

Katie is young and single and likes hanging with her girlfriends. Pictures of her in little black dresses with friends pop up on my feed. I’ve seen guns and rods and reels and boats and all these things that are not part of my life. I’ve even seen blurry pictures of Glenn Beck.

Heck, I like her anyway!

So, for Katie, I have a Christmas ornament. Since she watches Glenn Beck, I know she celebrates Christmas! But that isn’t why I give her an ornament. There are two reasons. First, she lives in town so I don’t have to ship a fragile object. Second, owning a Christmas ornament is a settled down kind of thing to do.Katie is finishing graduate school and looking for a job so I’m giving her an ornament as a housewarming gift. Which, I guess she’ll have to keep packed until she gets a house, but hey, I’m always thinking ahead.

The ornament is another Stitch Diva pattern. Boy, her patterns are challenging, but unique. She suggested using a beaded yarn and that was a BITCH. Still, it’s got a nice twinkle to it that should look good on a tree.

Katie, here’s hoping you have a beautiful home in December to hang the ornament on a tree! I know you will.


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