Lebowski done to movies

Working away while turning my hair brown again

Happy World Wide Knit in Public Day! Will you be doing your part? I certainly will, and have. Since the sweater is a surprise (and yes, you now know my husband doesn’t read my blog), I work on it every where except at home. At least that’s been the case this week. I’ve worked on it at my daughter’s Kuk Sool lesson. I sat in a chair with gook on my hair, waving my needles like I just don’t care. (In other words, proving I have no shame, I sat at a hair salon with my hair covered in goop, shaped like something Ferris Bueller might do in the shower, and knit.) Today, I suspect my husband will stay at home to work on our bathroom with my brother-in-law, so I can sneak it to see Harry Potter and the Sorcerer’s Stone at church. (If not, I have, of course, a back up project.) Yes, I’m watching Harry Potter at church. We’re Unitarian Universalists and we’re using the HP books to teach Sunday school this summer.

But I digress! Back to the movie we all love, the Big Lebowski and his amazing sweater.

I’ve made good progress while knitting in public. I’m up through the second band of the contrasting color on the back of the sweater and next will be THE pattern. The big one. I made it through the smaller pattern, which was not as easy as I thought. Oh, the pattern itself was easy. It’s doing intarsia on a rib that needs to be fairly stretchy. I tried it once and didn’t like the end result, so I pulled out what took me all of Kung Fu Panda to do and did it again. That was smart. This time, when I carried the yarn across the back, I took a spare DPN (double pointed needle), wrapped the yarn around twice, anchored it in the sweater and then twisted it. This gave me the proper and consistent amount of play that I needed.

Now I mentioned this to my coworker Sallie, who knits. In fact, Sallie knits VERY well. Sallie has been to Ireland on yarn tours and Sallie is not financially well off enough to do this on a whim. Sallie is a true master of the needles. When people tell me I’m a very good knitter, I tell them I’m not even the best knitter on my office floor (of 10 people, of which 3 are men.) Don’t get me wrong; Sallie is awesome and supportive and would be very “don’t be ridiculous” but Sallie definitely gives me something to strive for. And without saying a thing, Sallie keeps me humble. This is a good thing.

Anyway, I mentioned it to Sallie, who does far more intarsia type of knitting than I. I’m more of a yarn over kind of a girl, actually, but I’ve done some of this, just not lots and lots. Sallie tells me, which I always forget, to catch the yarn in the back. SO … I think I’m going to try a combination of the DPN and the catching in the back for this big pattern. The small pattern was 8 rows and not so bad. But this big one? 34 rows. This is the real centerpiece of the whole sweater.

What will you knit in public today?


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