An Ode to a Fifth Grade Teacher

Remember a couple months or so back when the FB post about sharing crafts went around? Something along the lines of “I’ll make something for the first five people that respond. In exchange, they make something for me and they also make something for five other people.” Remember that? Well, I’ve been slack. Here it is June and I hadn’t sent out the first thing out of the six that I needed to make. Until today.

Today, I sent out the first one and it is to my friend and former fifth grade teacher Bivens R. I made her a hat. Actually, when I made the hat, I wasn’t certain who it would be for, to be honest. I thought it might be mine. So, sorry Bivens, but this is a slightly used hat as I have worn it once. It looked good, don’t get me wrong. I just don’t typically wear hats and I was way too aware of it all day long. So, Ms. Bivens, I am giving you a hat that was made with the attention and care of something I would make for myself. The yarn is from Tilli Tomas, their beaded silk and the pattern is from Stitch Diva. (You can google it, too lazy to link it.) It is the knit version, not the crochet one.

Bivens and I rediscovered each other on, where else, FACEBOOK where I responded to a status from a woman in town that I know because I used to babysit her kids. I’m friends with my former babysittee, her husband and her kids. Her son is a hoot on FB even though he totally ignores anything I put out there. I guess I don’t impress James now that he isn’t eight anymore, sigh. She sent me a message to make sure I was the same Christine Ulbrich that she had in class for fifth grade, which … was a very long time ago. Indeed, I was that Christine Ulbrich and so we friended each other. I put it out on FB that we were now friends and she had been, in a landslide to say the least, my very favorite fifth grade teacher. That I still remembered her teaching me the difference in principle and principal that principal was the guy at the school because he was my pal. And stationary and stationery … the one with the “e” was for writing lEtters. And the comments rolled in. From all over the place, too, including a woman who lives in Chicago. Lots of stories. This is so cool, because we had this woman for a teacher a long time ago. How many of you remember your teachers from that long ago? There are a few, to be certain, but they were the special ones. Or the super-rotten ones. And Bivens was not rotten, to say the least.

So, Bivens, enjoy the hat! I hope you wear it well and that you love it. And I expect my craft to show up soon. ;-)


2 thoughts on “An Ode to a Fifth Grade Teacher

  1. Bivens Rinehart

    Your post made me cry. You can never know how touched I am and how deeply I appreciate your sentiments. The day we became adult friends on Facebook was particularly momentous one for me; not only did we reconnect but you fostered a whole bunch of other wonderful reconnections! I am having a wonderful time… And it amazes me how much the adult versions of my fifth graders are the same as those 10 year olds I knew…we are speaking personalities here…LOL!
    Anyway, I can’t wait to receive my fantastic hat and I will adore wearing it… I love hats! Not to worry, your craft will be on its way to you soon. You have reminded me to get off my arse and get busy fulfilling my promises!
    BTW, I love reading your blog!

    1. cuprado Post author

      Aw, well you were fun and you listened and those were sparse in fifth grade! So glad you will enjoy the hat. I could see you wearing it, which is why I chose you to own it. And glad you like the blog! I write it to write it. I have no clue if anyone is really bothering to read it or not, lol.


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