The Dude, the beginning

The back, the first nightTonight, I started real knitting on the sweater. And the entire sweater is in 1 x 1 ribbing. So, it’s a good thing that I have until November to secretly knit this thing, because I find knitting in 1 x 1 rib to be really slow. In fact, I have a seed stitch sweater that sits unfinished in my basket, my one remaining UFO. (Last year I made a vow to finish my UFOs.)

Now the pattern by Andrea Rangel is incredibly detailed. It’s 13 pages long! I will totally make a donation when I’m done. I’m waiting to see how it all goes together to decide how much it’s worth.

The other kind of strange thing was I ordered a new set of #10 circulars and turns out … they are square. Different! But I’ll see how they go. “Easy on your hands, more uniform stitches.” Uniform stitches haven’t really been an issue, but I could certainly go with easy on your hands (and your elbow) with the ribbing for an entire sweater.

I should get to the first contrasting color tomorrow. Last time he was gone for a while, I painted dry erase paint downstairs and he was not happy with me. This, well, this should be OK, even if it’s secret for a long time.


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