The Dude Sweater

Yarn selection for The DUDEI have enjoyed the Coen brothers‘ movies for a while now, and Big Lebowsky is certainly one of their most fun. So a couple of weeks ago, I saw that someone had gone to the trouble to recreate the pattern. I knew I would have to make it! While I was at it, I thought I’d also blog about the progress.

I’m making this for my husband, for his birthday, which is in November. It’s a total surprise. Actually, he’d be far more happy if I made him a Tron sweater, but he likes Jeff Bridges, thinks this movie is funny and so he’ll be happy with it.

Now I live in South Carolina so unless he plans to wear the sweater for two months out of the year, I would have to make it out of something besides wool. So I’ve gone with the Berroco Weekend, which is a 75% acrylic/25% cotton mix. The base color isn’t quite as off white as I wanted, but I really like the yarn, so it will be a slight variation in color.

Last night, I started by merely winding a few balls of yarn. It was one of those moments where I thought “man, I could really use a yarn winder.” The first ball was a wadded up mess and took me more than an hour to get into a ball of yarn! I’ve got four winded up now, and I’ve got my swatch done. Tomorrow, I’ll start knitting for reals.

Am I wrong to go with a white? Should I keep looking?


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