Spaghetti Love

More squash love from the Prado household! I’ve discovered spaghetti squash. I feel a little late to the game, but I’ll brag on what we’ve done with this gourd anyway.

Again, while I’m checking out, questions from the Ingles clerks, who are sweet and friendly, but young, about what the heck am I buying. And again, I start out with they are DELICIOUS and AMAZING and LOW IN CALORIE and SO TASTY and again they are smiling nicely and waiting for me to pay and leave so they can get back to scanning in sodas and chicken nuggets and the like. (Am I being snotty and elitist? Damn right.)

And again, as I’ve said before, if you’re going to to eat gourds in the quantity that we do, don’t bother to put away the Halloween cheapy knife you bought one year on a whim because it was on clearance. That sucker cuts through acorn, butternut and spaghetti squash as good as any knife in my kitchen, including my now favorite Cutco knives I bought on impulse, only because I desperately wanted the scissors and this spreader. (I bought the smallest set they had and I LOVE that spreader.) But I use the $2.95 knife to fly through a gourd and I swear by it. I bet it’s even as good as these crazy expensive, beautiful, hand-crafted knives made in Charleston that I will never be able to afford as long as I work for the state.

But I digress. We took the spaghetti squash, cut them in half, spread them with olive oil and baked them for an hour in a 375 oven. And while that was going, I made a simple tomato sauce: saute 3-4 garlic cloves, chopped, in hot oil, add some oregano and a little red pepper (unless your sister is coming over and she is allergic to pepper, then omit this.) Add a pound of seeded, chopped tomatoes and cook those for a few minutes. Then add a big can of crushed or diced tomatoes and let that boil down for a while. Oh, and fresh basil. Then, in the last 20 minutes, toss in a pan full of old veggies in your fridge. We had: green pepper, baby carrots, onion, green beans and mushrooms. Let them roast with some olive oil, garlic, oregano and basil and Adobo.

Pull the squash out, shred into spaghetti, top with veggies, then sauce, then add mozzarella OR parmesan OR both and eat up!

Today, the squash was gone but we still had some veggies and sauce. So I made bruschetta. Or at least a semblance of that. I took some evil delicious Italian bread my husband bought at the store, sliced it up and brushed each side with a little olive oil. Then I topped them with the leftover veggies, topped that with a bit of the tomato sauce and put a slice of the mozzarella. The husband bought a very nice slab from the deli, yum. Baked that for 10 minutes until the cheese melted, pulled them out and put basil leaves on them. DELICIOSO!

And to think we nearly ate out. What a loss that would have been!


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