Life Changing Jazzercise

Christine and Jessica

Two running Jazzers

It’s nearly 16 years since I started Jazzercising. I was dragged there by my sister Carla, who was dragged there by a boyfriend. Both dropped out, but I stuck it out. Oh, sure, I only did that because I wanted the 100x shirt. I was certain that would make me appear to be a fit person, solely by wearing the shirt.

Jazzercise knew what they were doing, because by the time I got to 100x, I was addicted. I average 150 classes a year, so you gotta figure I’ve been to more than 2,000 classes.

Now I’d love to say that I was a natural. That I took to it right away. This was not the case. In fact, I believe I spent most of the first class standing behind the step, staring at the instructor. When she told me after class I did great, I looked behind me to see if she was talking to someone else! I don’t even think I attempted any arm movements for the first 20 classes. But by 100, well, I had it figured out.

Still, I thought it was great. I feared a perky instructor, ridiculous music, many thin blond students, as though it was some sort of grown up cheerleading practice. I couldn’t have been more wrong.

It’s a real workout. People are surprised to come and find that it’s not really that easy. It’s not a grandma exercise program (although we got plenty of grandmas that come to stay in shape.) I love that it focuses on core muscles now. I have abs that shouldn’t be on a middle-aged mom. Heck, I give my doctor recommendations on what I do to stay healthy. (Not a joke. I’ve told him Jazzercise, Weight Watchers and now

And it’s pushed me to try other things. Last year, at the tender age of 46, I ran my first half marathon. I’d tried running before, but never really got very far with it. This time, it came much easier and for that I’m grateful to Jazzercise. There’s no way I would have tackled that without already being in some sort of shape already. And running was so much easier and enjoyable since I was already in shape!

Now I do both. I get totally different things out of it. From running, I get solitude, peace, reflection and intensity. From Jazzercise, I get core workout, toning, stretching, strength training, but most importantly, friends.

The One Day Sale is on Monday. I’ve got no reason to promote this, except that it’s worked for me. Go to the Jazzercise site if you’re interested.


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