Sparkley Beret

Joyce's Gloves

Wristlet 1

My wristlets

The complex cable pair

Sparkley Hat

The silver sparkle hat

Ah Stitch Diva, your patterns are always a challenge. Sometimes I’m up for it, sometimes not so much. Still, an email announced the sale on the wristlet pattern and in the end, I couldn’t resist the hat either. The yarns being on sale made it impossible not to pass up.


Wristlets were made in quick order for a UCDA friend until I realized I missed a key instruction that required I pull them out and knit them again. A second pair of wristlets required complete concentration to follow the complex cable pattern. I was ready to tackle the hat.

After I whipped up one, I remembered similar yarn laying in the bottom of my basket, only it was beaded. This time, I made it with a slightly bigger set of needles, to get the slouchy look. I love it! Go figure … I pay to hide the gray in my hair and now I just put it right back in by donning this hat! I have an inkling of what I might do with the second hat. And maybe I’ll take some of my Stitch Diva failures out of another basket and tackle either another hat or set of wristlets.

And with that, I’m ready for some real mindless knitting.


2 thoughts on “Sparkley Beret

  1. Bivens

    Love the hat pattern!Beautifully done. I can crochet something that complicated but I am not there in the knitting world…I am impressed!


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