The Year in Review

Leigh, Christine and Mark after Jazzerblitz .. 4 classes in one day

Christine is still working at Clemson. My year there was dominated by creating a new campaign for admissions, which looks to be a success. I spend a lot of time examining ways the Clemson can better use social media, which is a great reason to be on Facebook and Twitter. I traveled a lot this year as a board member for UCDA (University and College Designers Association.) February took me to sunny Phoenix, land of a great deal of golf and tennis. June was a trip to Montreal. What a progressive city. I ended her visit by riding one of the rental bikes the city offers ($5 a day) but still didn’t remember much of my college French. October brought Seattle, which was cold and rainy for the first two days, but sunny and warm for the last six. Lastly, a quick four day trip to Minneapolis required a purchase of new clothing, including winter boots. I’m OK with never experiencing below 3 degree weather again, which I thought would honestly be the death of me. All four cities brought great food and shopping and inspiration, along with profound discussion and fellowship amongst other college designers. The rest of the year was the usual knitting, Jazzercising, cooking and general fun and growth that makes up life.

Keith and Feline Keith, Oreo

Keith is still happily working at Epson, although it does involve the travel the job promised. He’s gotten to be quite the experienced traveler and navigates the world of airports, cars, hotels and all that comes with it better than I do. We enjoy seeing each other, but fortunately, we’re both completely addicted to technology as well. We see each other through IM, texts, emails and phone calls and it seems to work. When he’s home, he enjoys the furry coworker Oreo, who thinks nothing of laying his 18 pound body across the front of his keyboard. When he’s not working, he’s not really in the mood for a lot of travel, so we take a lot of day trips. We’re fortunate to have plenty to do within a couple of hours, so we’ve been to Asheville and Atlanta and the like, all great trips! We’ve picked apples, eaten lots of good food, seen the Terra Cotta warrior exhibit and even been to Great Wolf Lodge for some crazy water slides.

The three older cousins

Caroline, Bella and Abby

Bella, incredibly, is in fifth grade this year. Her last year at elementary school, I can’t believe it! Fifth grade has brought the promise of much homework as advertised, but she seems to be surviving it. This year, the extracurricular activities include guitar, girl scouts and martial arts, which she really is enjoying. She loves to draw and she draws a lot of cartoons. In fact, she’s penned some comic books with a few classmates as well. In a lot of ways, she’s becoming a lot like her mother, so feel Keith’s pain in dealing with two of us now.

Angel Oak in Charleston

As for travel, we did get to the beach this year, which is always a great time. We joined my parents at Seabrook Island, which is a lovely place near Charleston. The food was terrific and much of it local. We took advantage of a lot of local produce down there. We even worked in a visit to the tea plantation down there, which was really educational about how tea is produced.

All in all, it was a very busy year and for that we are truly grateful. Not only do we have employment when so many are struggling, we have interesting and challenging work. Life might feel too full at times, but we’re happy for that. We wish your family the same happiness.

More pix

Bella and Christine

Bella and Christine at Biltmore

Bella riding at Biltmore

Sunflowers at Biltmore

Christine surviving Minneapolis

Want some Peanut Butter?

Bella is Max


John, Bella and Christine

A visit from John

Christine and Bella


Bella at a birthday party

Bella at a birthday party for Lou

Amy and Christine

Going Fishing

Homily Grill with the Parents

Christine and Bella at Seabrook Island

Imagine Peace, in Montreal

Me and my Aunt Kay in Hilton Head

Bella in a tidepool

Christine and Bella before the birthday dinner


2 thoughts on “The Year in Review

  1. Laura Kinard

    Christine!! Thanks for the beautiful card and what a great way to present the family’s year in review —- online with a blog– a lot simpler and greener! Have not sent cards this year —- I feel very blessed but it’s been a challenging year and I am just not as up to writing encouraging cards— just one of those years. Read your article in Inside Clemson on knitting and very much agree about how relaxing, refreshing, and great it is for your soul — i have been doing puzzles — some sort of accomplishment and end– unlike a lot of real-life puzzles. Have a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year! Hugs! Laura

    1. cuprado Post author

      Oh thanks Laura! And thanks for the kind words about the knitting article. So funny. I had suggested they start offering people the opportunity to write those, so I figured I better contribute. Boy, have I gotten response, and all very positive. Mostly I feel that way about knitting, except right now, when it’s all due BY THURSDAY but that’s my own fault, isn’t it? Still, it amazes me how many people read it. Very cool. Sorry your year was so stressful. Here’s to a happier 2010 and that you can solve some of those real life puzzles.


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